Mobile Spy vs Professional Spying Gadgets

In the professional spying industry, the agents and detectives most commonly relied on the simple listening devices and surveillance gadgets. Nothing changed much since the beginning of 80s, when most of the gadgets still rely on SMS and GSM communication. Camera might be a little bit different, as they require a higher bandwidth, though the transmission methods have not be questioned for like 30 years. One innovation though, which is notable was an introduction of GPS, where the victims could be spied with the help of the satellites.

Recently though, with the introduction of powerful smartphones, the things started to change. If before the spies used to install their gadgets into the huge landline phones, now they prefer targeting the cellphones, as they provide quite a bit of new opportunities.

Indeed, the new smartphones have not only their own internet bandwidth and a number of surveillance tools, such as GPS, microphones, and even camera – which is exactly what every spy needs, but also a large storage device and a huge processing power, allowing to gather data even in offline mode.

While the typical spying gadgets include the directional microphones and sticky microphones, the cellphone option proves to be much more efficient. See, the user always carries a cellphone, and no matter how far he is from us, we can still record the sensitive data that we need. On the other hand, the directional microphones would require an operator to follow the victim and have it in the line of sight. The advantage though, of the sticky microphones is that they were quite easy to install. All you had to do is to bump your victim the sensor to hear gear, or throw it in their bags. Giving away the ‘gifts’ could also be a viable option. Stealing someone’s cellphone and returning it unnoticed with an installed app though is more difficult, and may require some undercover work.

One of the most notable application that work with most models is Mobile Spy, and it has not only all the advantages of the regular spying tools, but also a bunch of additional features that allow you gain a full control over the device. So the verdict is as follows: traditional spying tools could still be useful, but if you can install Mobile Spy it will be much more effective.